Single and Multi-objective Test Cases Prioritization for Self-driving Cars in Virtual Environments

ICSE 2023 Journal-First Proposal

Christian Birchler, Sajad Khatiri, Pouria Derakhshanfar, Sebastiano Panichella, and Annibale Panichella

Publication Information

  • Accpetance: 27 April 2022
  • Published: 24 May 2022
  • Journal: TOSEM
  • DOI: 10.1145/3533818

Presentation Outline


  • High testing costs for simulations
  • Quality assurance for safety-critical systems


  • Regression Testing
  • Real-world vs. simulation-based testing
  • simulator

Prioritization Approach

  • Genetic algorithms:
    • Single-objective
    • Multi-objective
  • Greedy


  • Three research questions:
    1. Fault detection rate
    2. Cost-effectiveness
    3. Overhead
  • Random baseline

Main Findings

  • Collinearity of road features
  • Multi-objective outperforms
  • Overhead is imperceptible


  • Reality Gap
  • Limited set of traffic elements

Future Work

  • More road features
  • Different distance metrics

Early Impact

  • Recent related studies:
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    Fiorella Zampetti et al.JSS
    Annibale Panichella et al.EMSE
    Qiang Hu et al.Preprint
    Christian Birchler et al.Preprint
    Christian Birchler et al.SANER
    Aldeida Aleti et al.Preprint
    Annibale Panichella et al.GECCO
    Yao Deng et al.ESEC/FSE
    Sajad Khatiri et al.ICST
  • Search-Based and Fuzz Testing Workshop, co-located with ICSE
    • Future plan: Create new SBFT competition called "Regression Testing Tool Competition for Self-driving Cars"

Thank you!

ICSE 2023, Melbourne, Australia, Journal-First Track